Wicked Acts of Colonel Md. Shahid Uddin – An Officer Dismissed on Corruption (Part II)

On 16 January 2019, Colonel Shahid Uddin (dismissed from Bangladesh Army on corruption cases), gave an interview to ION TV, Britain, where he falsely claimed himself to be a very bright and honest officer, who in spite of being innocent was inappropriately dismissed by Bangladesh Army Authority.
(Video attached below)
Under the circumstances, through a neutral study about his career, a number of grave wrong doings/practices were found on his behalf. These are being serially published here for the information of the readers.
In Part I of the report, we highlighted against his wrongdoings during his service at the then 6 Rifle Battalion, in which he was tried under court martial from 28 November 2004 to 10 February 2005 on various charges at the then Headquarters BDR, Pilkhana. The court constituted total 28 charges against him. The investigation revealed that he bribed a great amount of Taka to Naik Md. Abul Kalam Azad and Lance Naik Abul Hosen of 6 Rifle Battalion for preparing drafts and distribution to concerned places of his anonymous letters against DG BDR and other high officials. He also coerced them with dismissal and jail if they disclosed his misdoings. He then destroyed his computer hard disc to destroy any evidence.
Further interaction by reporter with BDR personnel revealed more information about his indulgence to unethical practices. During his stay at ChapaiNawabgonj he developed unethical rapport with local MP of ChapaiNawabgonj Constituency- 3, Mr Harun Ur Rashid and his beautiful wife Syeda Asifa Ashrafee Papiya, a BNP leader. It has been known that he was posted to 6 Rifle Battalion through involvement of Mrs Papiya for assisting the unethical smuggling practices of Mr. Harun. At one stage, he also developed unethical physical relationship with Mrs. Papiya which Mr. Harun was compelled to overlook due to obstinate nature of Mrs. Papiya. However, Colonel Shahid had to cover up his this illegal relationship by bribing local BNP leaders, by allowing them to create unethical business syndicate. Few local business men intimated us that Colonel Shahid could continue his unethical practices due to his good relationship with few big shot BNP leaders. These leaders even tried to save him during his court martial with their undue influence. We shall intimate you more on his wrong-doings in the next part of this report.
Coming up Soon: Wicked Acts of Colonel Md. Shahid Uddin – An Officer Dismissed on Corruption (Part III)

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