Why Awami League responds to Jatiya Oikyo Front for Dialogue – Points to know

Bangladesh is in full swing of its speed to hold another national parliamentary election at the end of this year. But, as the schedule timing of election are getting closer, the degree of dubiousness staging regularly with new dimensions and dexterity. Some scenic incidents like formation of “Jatiya Oikyo Front(National Unitary Front)”, verdict from country’s apex body against BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia and her eldest son Tarique Zia for embezzling foreign donations of an orphanage and from Zia Charitable Trust, Scaling up jail term of Khaleda Zia happened over the last 10 months. By this time, BNP persuaded to Awami League to hold dialogue and BNP rejected. Top leaders from Awami League discarded the demand by saying the political situation isn’t unfavorable to hold the election. Suddenly a development showered upon and shaken the political stakeholders up as Awami League responded positively to demand of Jatiya Oikyo Front. Though “Jatiya Oikyo Front (National Unitary Front)” formed with Bangladesh Nationalist Party(BNP), Gono Forum, Nagarik Oikyo and Jukta Front along with some other political high-ups of opposite wing to ruling party but the recent piece of news  is being considered as the positive development to politics and to overcome the political stalemate. Awami League responds to Jatiya Oikyo Front to hold the much-awaited dialogue.


Here is 7-point as reasons of rejection to BNP and response to Jatiya Oikyo Front by Awami League:

1)    Jatiya Oikyo Front, a platform of 4 parties and some individuals, led by Dr. Kamal Hossain, a veteran lawyer of Bangladesh. Under this platform, BNP is just a mere entity like other three parties in this umbrella. (Though political analyst believed that BNP will play the key-role if OF can form the government).

2)    Jaamat, a party with the anti-liberation role and it’s top leaders accused of doing crime against humanity and were hanged, had a strong political influence on BNP and, so, Awami League was unwilling to set dialogue with BNP-led 20-Party alliance.

3)    AL has a strong disbelief to BNP as the party was involved to political carnage like 21 August Grenade Attack.

4)    Curtail the international gravity by crafting a congenial environment. Leaders from Awami League and Jatiya Oikyo Front commuting relentlessly to major influencers and key diplomats from USA, India, Canada, China, Russia and the EU behind the upliftment.

5)    7-points demand from Jatiya Oikya Front is being considered too sober since the demands are very much generalized compared to the BNP’s earlier demand. Moreover, Awami League has proven its capability to tackle any sorts of insurgency during the last 10-years in home and abroad. This brings down the confidence of BNP’s activists to encounter Awami League’s vision strongly.

6)    Former Chief Justice of Bangladesh S K Sinha’s book with the title, ‘A Broken Dream: Rule of Law, Human Rights and Democracy’, out cried the leaders of ruling Awami League for conveying misinformation about politics and it’s management. Underlying this book, the newly formed political platform Oikyo Front didn’t utter any single word that strategically brought them closer.

7)    Awami League felt disregard as BNP leaders unwelcomed current prime minister Sheikh Hasina on 2015 while she went to offer condolence on the sudden death of Zia’s youngest son Koko and Hasina was turned away from the gates of  Khaleda’s resident.

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