National Parliamentary Election: USA and India is relying on Hasina Government.


News Desk: India and USA think Awami League government is dependable for upcoming National Parliamentary Election of Bangladesh. Indian Foreign Ministry and US Foreign Ministry revealed this information. Also a powerful Intelligence Agency confirmed that Wikilicks has documents regarding this information. Wikilicks is an internet based site which discloses secret documents of different countries.
Indian Foreign Secretary Vijay Keshab Gokhle said, “Whole world was surprised to see the improvement of Bangladesh happened in past 10 years. As a result, it has to be said that, all the credit goes to the present government. For this reason, we all are keeping our faith on Awami League. Though, civil citizens will select the government.”
US South Asia related desk Officer Robert Henry said, “At first we were reluctant to have confidence on Hasina government, but now USA is certain about Awami League government. Already BNP Secretary General came to us using lobbyist to seek help. But we stated him clearly that it is totally an internal matter of a country.” A source informed, after foreign ministry denied to interfere, Mirza Fakhrul went to Assistant Secretary General of United Nations. He also told him that, United Nations will not come in between election of Bangladesh and internal politics. Also, an influential Intelligence Agency informed that, aforementioned officer was embarrassed because BNP used someone as lobbyist.
In recent past, few higher officials of government purposefully went to India and USA. But, a group of people is saying that, they went to discuss about upcoming election. But it is not true. They do not understand the fact that Bangladesh is progressing. At present, all the countries in the world are trying to improve their relation with Bangladesh.
Already the Head of an Influential Intelligence Agency went to India and USA. Different BNP and Jamayat endorsed online based Group/Page/ID and online portals criticized this visit. Quamrul Bangladesh, BD Politico, Diganta Barta, Bishsho Tarun Prajanma, ATV and Basher Kella and so on are worth mentioning among these portals. But in general this tour was successful. The reporter also has few important documents which cannot be published. Source informed, Head of Influential Intelligence Agency of Bangladesh visited India and USA based intelligence agencies to remove influence of Pakistan and Israel’s intelligence agencies. These online platforms are spreading propaganda and anarchy to disrupt the stability of the government. His tour was very successful in reality. Influential two intelligence agencies assured that they will help the government to spin the wheel of development. They also confirmed that, Bangladeshi terrorists who are currently staying abroad and admin of Quamrul page Shamsul Islam and many other people are under their surveillance. Wikilicks also has few documents related to this. Besides, the head of the agency discussed with them to improve relationship. Overall, it can be said that, the head was able to describe the conspiracies revolving around Bangladesh and they commented positively about Bangladesh government.
Indian Foreign Secretary Vijay Keshab Gokhle added, “Bangladesh is progressing gradually. Bangladesh came first on the list of fastest growing wealthy Country. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s efficient leadership made it possible. This is why; India government is relying on Hasina government. We have concluded after observing for past few years that, a group of people is always conspiring against this country. We also have information that few scattered terrorists are organizing to create disturbance against the country. As a well-wisher India will never want this thing to happen.” Another source informed, “BNP recruited two Washington bases US firms. According to the contract, lobbing firm “Blue Star” will receive 20 thousand Dollars in August and 35 thousand Dollars for rest of the months. Rusky Partners will work as the sub-contractor of Blue Star. This institution will receive 10 thousand Dollars in August and 15 thousand Dollars for rest of the months. India cannot keep relation with someone who does not depend on the vote of the citizens in a democratic country but relies on lobbing.”
But question arises, where is BNP getting the fund to invest thousands of Dollars to recruit lobbyists and millions of Dollars to support terrorists? Head of Influential Intelligence agency of Bangladesh had a meeting with CIA (US base Intelligence Agency). CIA informed, they kept few documents and approximately 50 thousand Facebook accounts under their surveillance. After monitoring these IDs they came to conclusion that, almost 30 crore of taka enters into Bangladesh illegally from 4 places. These places are New York, London, Dubai and Kualamapur.
A special source informed with the help of CIA that, Dr. Yunus sends money from New York, Tarek Rahman is the source from London, BNP leader Mosaddek Ali Falu who is staying at United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the source from Dubai. BNP laundered thousands of crores of money to Malaysia while they were in power. That abundant source of money is also coming into Bangladesh to organize terrorists.
Source informed, BNP also recruited lobbyist in United Kingdom. US Intelligence Agency confirmed it and also informed that they will disclose the information on the individuals who are involved with this lobbing.
To be noted, Awal Family, Saka Family, Mirza Abbas and Dr. Khandakar Mosarrof Hossain who were involved with Panama Papers Scandal are working as the source to strengthen international lobbing of BNP. They have already laundered thousands of crores of taka to the foreign countries.
Also, BNP finances Basher Kella, ATV, Bissho Tarun Prajanma, Andolon News, Quota Shongskar Chai and Quamrul Bangladesh to spread fabricated news. CIA has already spotted the admin of these pages. They also kept Shamsul Islam the owner of “Quamrul Bangladesh” under surveillance. They will also take actions against them as soon as possible.
Another source who was involved with the meeting between Bangladeshi Intelligence Agency and CIA informed that, there was a movement happened in Bangladesh few days ago about road safety. Though it was initiated by innocent students, but BNP polluted it by sending thousands of criminals disguised as students. The funding comes from USA, Malaysia, UK and UAE. Cameraman Shahidul Alam worked as the distributor to spread propaganda.
Something was very unique on the movement of students. That is, social media based propaganda. Source informed, BNP created cyber units only to spread propaganda through social media. Malaysia has 3, UK has 11 and Dubai has 1 cyber unit. All of them were created by BNP.
Foreign Ministry of USA was astonished by discovering the fact with proof. They said, “People wants to get obtain power to serve the citizens of the nation, not to stop the wheel of development and pulling the country behind. We have concluded that, BNP does not want the betterment of the people. But, Bangladesh is moving forward at a great speed. USA also wants to be a part of it. This is why USA will support current government so that Bangladesh goes forward by developing its people”.

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