11th general polls: Zaker Party plans to contest in 300 constituencies

The party chairman pointed out that the Zaker Party will participate in the upcoming parliamentary election to foil all the conspiracies to thwart the polls

Zaker Party Chairman Pirzada Alhaj Mostafa Amir Faisal has announced that if necessary, the party will contest in 300 constituencies in the upcoming parliamentary election, for the sole purpose of sustaining the progress of democracy.

The announcement came through a press release, following an emergency meeting of the political organization on Tuesday.

According to the press release, Faisal stated: “Zaker Party is committed to sustain the economic and democratic progress of the country. We will participate in the upcoming National Parliamentary Election to foil all the conspiracies brewing to thwart the election.

“At the same time, Zaker Party has come forward to fill up the current void in leadership.”

Sounding a strong note of caution, the Zaker Party Chairman added: “The evil forces tried to turn this country into an Afghanistan through extremism and terrorism. Their attempts were foiled in 2005 by Zaker Party’s defiance and resistance.

“After all these years, those Wahhabi, Salafist, Moududi-ist forces are once again trying to spoil the upcoming

National Parliamentary Election. God willing, we will resist them again.”

Leaders of Zaker Party and its front organizations, from central, district, metropolitan, upazila and thana levels were present at the meeting.

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